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Welcome to The Breakthrough Hiring Show!

We are on a mission to help leaders make hiring a competitive advantage. 

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Meet the host of the show:
James Mackey


James Mackey is the Founder & CEO of SecureVision. Since 2015, SecureVision has partnered with over 150 VC-backed tech companies, ranging from growth-stage to
enterprise clients to recruit talent in every department.

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Tune into the latest episodes of The Breakthrough Hiring Show :

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EP 136: The roadmap to successful leadership recruitment in tech with Laura MacKinnon, Chief People Officer at Clari.

Join host James Mackey and his guest Laura MacKinnon, Chief People Officer at Clari as they share insights on defining leadership qualities for hiring, aligning strategies with market conditions, and driving cultural change in tech companies.


Gain practical tips on setting criteria for executive hires, understanding long-term goals, and integrating acquisitions successfully. Discover the importance of courageous conversations and data-driven decision-making for growth and success in today's dynamic business landscape.

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EP 135: Cybersecurity industry’s current trends and challenges with Fayyaz Rajpari, Managing Partner at IntelliGuards.

Dive into the world of cybersecurity with host James Mackey and his guest Fayyaz Rajpari, Managing Partner at IntelliGuards.

Discover the nuances of cybersecurity hiring trends in a recessionary economy, the impact of layoffs, and the evolving job market dynamics. Learn about the demand for cybersecurity solutions and the challenges faced by small businesses, in our latest podcast episode.

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EP 134: Minds Matter: The impact of psychology and authenticity on hiring success with Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO at Tenable.

Are you ready to challenge the way you think about hiring? Join us for a compelling episode as host James Mackey and his guest Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO at Tenable, share the keys to hiring exceptional talent, emphasizing the transformative power of intellectual curiosity and self-awareness.

Discover how these traits can reshape your team and organization, and gain practical insights on detecting them during interviews. 

They also discuss the impact of psychology, mindset, and unconventional influences like martial arts on discipline, authenticity in communication, and the vital role of self-awareness in achieving success. 

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EP 133: Recruiting Roots: Leadership, culture, and navigating change with Tim Betry, VP of People and Places at GoPro

In this episode, host James Mackey discusses talent acquisition, leadership, and company culture with industry expert Tim Betry, VP of  People & Places at GoPro.

They dive into the connection between hiring and building an inclusive culture, while also discussing the challenges of adapting to the post-pandemic workplace.


Discover how personal experiences and recruiting practices intersect to shape leadership, culture, and adaptability in today's changing work environment.

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