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Welcome to The Breakthrough Hiring Show!

We are on a mission to help leaders make hiring a competitive advantage. 

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Meet the host of the show:
James Mackey


James Mackey is the Founder & CEO of SecureVision. Since 2015, SecureVision has partnered with over 150 VC-backed tech companies, ranging from growth-stage to
enterprise clients to recruit talent in every department.

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EP 123: The Future of Work: Insights on resource management and talent acquisition.

In this episode, our host James Mackey, and guest Waleed Mahmood, VP of Resource Management and Talent Acquisition at Digitas Health discuss the dynamic world of resource management and talent acquisition with a focus on the ever-evolving workplace landscape. 

From resource management in the tech industry to internal mobility and career development, they shed light on the challenges and opportunities organizations face in today's competitive market. Learn how resource management can act as a catalyst for employee growth and retention while optimizing costs.

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EP 122: Striking the right chord: Balancing quality and speed in startup hiring.

In this episode, you'll gain invaluable knowledge on startup hiring, retention, and salary strategies. Listen as industry experts, including Doug Camplejohn, CEO and Founder of Airspeed, and host James Mackey, share their expertise on cultivating a successful startup ecosystem. 

Learn why hiring slowly and firing quickly can be the key to building a high-quality team and discover the "awesome test" that helps you identify top talent instantly.

Efficiency is crucial for startups, learn how to streamline your hiring processes for maximum effectiveness and find out how documenting processes can be an asset that evolves with your business.

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EP 121: Cracking the code of international hiring: Strategies, challenges, and embracing the startup mentality

In this episode, host James Mackey sits down with Daniel Brodie CTO & Co-Founder at Cynerio, and Aya Naveh, Human Resources Director, to tackle the challenges of hiring for international sales teams, especially in the healthcare sector.

Discover key strategies for success in the US market, including fostering a culture of adaptability, leveraging networks, and streamlining processes.

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EP 120: The secret sauce to a successful startup: Building efficient teams, cultivating workplace culture, and onboarding strategies

In this episode, host James Mackey and guest Andrew Gazdecki, Founder and CEO of, explore the art of scaling a startup while nurturing a strong company culture.

They share insights on thoughtful hiring for a solid foundation, with a focus on efficiency. The discussion covers valuations, deliberate hiring, culture-building, and interview techniques. 

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