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Welcome to The Breakthrough Hiring Show!

We are on a mission to help leaders make hiring a competitive advantage. 

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Meet the host of the show:
James Mackey


James Mackey is the Founder & CEO of SecureVision. Since 2015, SecureVision has partnered with over 150 VC-backed tech companies, ranging from growth-stage to
enterprise clients to recruit talent in every department.

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EP 141: Navigating tech hiring trends and cultivating inclusive teams with Shathiya Rengalwar.

Join us as host James Mackey and his guest Shathiya Rengalwar, People Leader,  unpack the intricacies of tech hiring, discussing the surge in layoffs and the subsequent challenges for hiring teams.

Explore talent acquisition strategies, emphasizing the pivotal role of networking and relationship investments. The episode also sheds light on building diverse and inclusive teams, with practical insights into inclusive hiring practices and the ongoing commitment needed for workplace diversity.

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EP 140: Navigating Talent Acquisition from Series C to Series E with Cassandra Mingus, Director of Talent Acquisition at Signifyd

Join host James Mackey and his guest Cassandra Mingus, Director of Talent Acquisition at Signifyd, as she shares her career journey from recruiter to tech leader in a late-stage company. In conversation with James Mackey, they explore lessons learned, the evolution of talent acquisition, and hiring strategies for success.

Discover the importance of structured processes, approval mechanisms, and using tools like Greenhouse for streamlined recruitment. Uncover tiered recruitment strategies, capacity planning insights, and measuring quality of hire.

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EP 139: Mastering high-volume hiring and employee retention with Avi Singer, CEO & Founder at

Join host James Mackey and Avi Singer, CEO & Founder at, as they discuss high-volume hiring in healthcare and tech, emphasizing systematic processes and the importance of a clear employee value proposition.

Avi shares insights on online compliance training and adapting learning platforms for the healthcare industry. The episode concludes with cost-effective ways to show appreciation, discussing impactful gestures and personalized perks to enhance employee retention.

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Daniel C.jpeg

EP 138: Hiring strategies from Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse, and Jamie Hodari, CEO of Industrious.

Join host James Mackey as he sits down with Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse, and Jamie Hodari, CEO of Industrious. This episode provides a fresh perspective on tech hiring and recruiting strategies. 

It emphasizes the need for self-awareness, a clear understanding of roles, and positive interpersonal dynamics in building successful teams. Moreover, it sheds light on the challenges of managing in a growth-driven environment and the benefits of shifting towards a more sustainable growth rate.

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